CYTE Foundation is an educational NGO working in the education sector since 2013. With a belief that every child matters, we have taken it upon ourselves to educate every child. It is only through education that the children of today will become the guiding light for others. This is why we are helping local communities develop educationally.


At CYTE, we believe that quality education goes far beyond the traditional classroom and book learning. 21st century education is based on the 5C’s of learning that students can not only use in through their school but throughout their life. That is why we have identified critical thinking, creativity, conceptualized knowledge, communication skills and core values as the essential educational elements of CYTE Foundation.

Critical Thinking


Conceptualized Knowledge

Communication Skills


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Our Values


We want to ease the lives of children by imparting them education. Our schools offer everything children need to learn at their age


All the educational activities with practical insights.


Parents need counselling to eliminate dropouts.


Children love discovering the world through playful activities. We ensure to include that element!


We want education to be affordable and sustainable. Quality is ensured while we counsel parents to continue educating their children without having to worry about.

The Concept

The core philosophy

If you struggle to do something for making education accessible to every child, then CYTE is your answer. Equip the deserving children with learning so that can become responsible citizens of Pakistan. The concept is specially designed to make children learn life skills at an early age. With a focus on holistic growth, we cover multiple areas that help children develop practical insights.

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How it benefits the children?

  • A complete set of age-specific learning activities delivered
  • A developmental focus on important areas that are essential for holistic nourishment and growth
  • Covers multiple themes like life building skills, manual skills, financial literacy, and much more




Number of Schools



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Training the Teachers and Principals

CYTE understands that training of the teachers and principals remain a prerequisite for delivering quality education in all of its schools. While teachers have direct interaction with students in the class, principals impact all the students in the school collectively. This is why our training team arranges an exclusive training program for the teachers and principals every year.
Teachers are trained for class management and enhanced learning practices for better education of the students. Principals are trained for effective leadership of the schools. Training includes problem-solving, course planning, communication and interpersonal skills, conflict management, and developing cognitive thinking.

Curriculum Aimed for Success.

CYTE closely develops the curriculum for all of its schools. The curriculum is interactive, with the teaching approach centered on child learning.

Community Based Rehabilitation

CYTE Foundation’s actions are geared towards the betterment of the community. The areas we work in are remote and rural, which means that CYTE adopted schools generate economic activity in the region.

We Love Our Partners

CYTE Foundation’s vision of An Educated Pakistan would not be possible without the support of partners. Our support network ranges from community led agencies to multinationals. Different organizations have partnered with us to help support the

Where We Work

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