How it works?

School Improvement

CYTE partners with existing private schools to bring improvement.

Physical Infrastructure Improvement

  • Classroom improvement
  • School infrastructure improvement
  • Clean water system
  • Science and computer labs
  • Sports facilities


  • Curriculum development
  • Lesson planning
  • Teacher training
  • Medical camps for health of children

Parent Counselling

  • Parents need to be counselled to eliminate dropouts.

Financial Viability

In the rural and remote areas, private schools are running on commercial basis, where affordability is an issue. CYTE partners with them to sponsor a set number of children which enhances their financial viability and helps them sustain through their expenses.

Why Education?

  • The literacy rate of Pakistan is only 57%
  • There are 22.8 million boys and girls out of school
  • Government spending on educational sector is 2.97% of its GDP
  • Only 68% of Pakistani children finish primary school education
  • 33% of Government Primary Schools did not have drinking water facility


CYTE Foundation has the following prominent features:

  • Unique model of provision of education
  • Single digit cost to donation ratio
  • CYTE is managed by a team of volunteers, dedicated professional and qualified personnel keeping very low overhead costs
  • Sharia compliant zakat mechanism certified by “Centre for Advance Islamic Economics”
  • Having TAX Exemption status for Donors under Section 2 [36] ITO-2001
  • Transparent Child Adoption Program
  • Donors can meet with their tagged family/student at any time

Child Adoption Program

Our Exclusive Child Adoption Program can serve your soul. Adopt a child and change a life; nothing can be more satisfying. The adopted child will be tagged by your name and you will have access to all details of the adopted child periodically.

  • Individual students will be tagged with the sponsor clearly
  • Sponsor a child in PKR 2000/- per month
  • Complete verification of family credentials
  • Periodic update of child’s progress, evaluation etc.
  • Arranging meeting with the child and family as per donor’s convenience

How It Works

  • Pick age. We have children from every age group!
  • Choose gender. A lot of girls and boys await adoption.
  • Choose your plan. Pick up your favorite plan. You can adopt a child or adopt a school.
  • Keep updated on your adopted child’s progress! Our collective effort help children learn, explore and discover.