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Our Story

Think about your childhood. What do you recall? Did you go to a school you always wanted to? Were you forced to study? Did you do anything out of the way to study? Did you color outside the lines?Some of the best memories everyone has as a child are being messy, doing whatever they like, and living their imagination while having fun. However, everyone is not that lucky. Such is the story of our founder, Mr. Yasar Rashid. Mr. Rashid’s father passed away when he was 9 years old and he was left to face the brutal realities of the world.

Be that as it may, it became difficult for his mother to make the ends meet. He and his 3 elder sisters were dropped out from the English medium schools they have been studying in and admitted in the government school. The sudden shift was unimaginable. Everything from the quality of education to the environment was entirely different. Mr. Rashid could not study and complained to his mother who outright rejected his claim and told him that studying in the government school is the only option. It is then when he realized that the importance of studying and worked hard. He obtained scholarship from grade 5 and onwards, and never again asked his mother for his educational expenses.

Life continued, and he strived hard to make his mark. Be that as it may, the hard work paid off. Mr. Rashid served in the top positions of highly reputable organizations. With the vision to do something for so many children who do not have access to high quality education, he inaugurated CYTE Foundation in 2013.

Teachers Training at KPK

September 10, 2020

Shahid Afridi Appreciated CYTE Foundation

September 10, 2020

CYTE Foundation Establish Library at AL Noor School & College, AJK

September 10, 2020

Mr. Abid Jillani

April 30, 2020


April 30, 2020

Fatima Ajmal

April 30, 2020

Zeeshan’s Story

April 30, 2020

Our Success Stories

Education is all about learning, handling ambiguity, problem solving, inquisitiveness and fearlessness. Just have a look at our CYTE’s success stories and you’ll know why children are what they are. They don’t fear the results. They just do what they want to do. With complete concentration, they are totally involved in what they do. They live one day at a time.

Studies have shown that children with better concentration spans are more likely to be successful in their life. The goal of CYTE is to create better learning opportunities, help children explore different aspects of life and embark a journey towards a successful future.


CYTE Foundation believes in the power of education. By enabling underprivileged but talented individuals to study, we can actually create a multiplier impact in the society.CYTE has many success stories. One of them is Mr. Abid Jillani.

Abid belongs to a humble background. He had to drop out of school after few years as his family could not afford his education. CYTE brought him under the light of education, helped him in attaining his degree. He was then hired by CYTE Foundation for grooming under its program. Later on, Abid was selected by Subway International as manager. With his dedication, knowledge and hard work, he earned a great name and reputation for himself and for CYTE Foundation.

Abid is presently rated amongst top managers of Subway International Franchisees in Pakistan. Abid is earning a very handsome salary and is being granted company maintained car. Abid is presently financing education of 8 of his cousins and enrolled dozens of children from his area in CYTE. We wish Abid a great and successful career.
Nauman is another success story. We gave him the chance to study further after his matriculation and he proved himself by securing admission in University of South Asia. He is studying BSCS and willing to pay back to society after completion of his studies.

Fatima Ajmal is also one of the stars of CYTE. She secured 72% marks in her Fsc. exams and was passionate about pursuing her career in medical field. However, financial limitations were the biggest hindrance to continue her studies.

CYTE has sponsored her higher studies by helping her in securing admission to University of Management and Technology (UMT).She is now studying in BS (MIT & US) and living her dream to study in one of the renowned universities of Pakistan. Pakistan must be proud of having such daughters.

Make A Difference, Sponsor A Child.


CYTE is the only education NGO of Pakistan which has been selected as case study by The Youth Assembly at the United Nations through its partner International Youth Council.CYTE Foundation Case Study has been in Top 10 Global Case Studies to be replicated in regions including India, Afghanistan and Africa.

Chairman of CYTE Foundation has been designated as the Honorary Advisor of International Youth Council [IYC] Pakistan by the United Nations.